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Answers to the most frequently asked questions

About our courses

What type of courses do you provide?

At Ellinisti we offer 8 different course formats, or we can plan a tailored course with you!

Our most popular choice is the one or two-week intensive course, where you will have 2-4 hours of lessons each day depending on the number of students. In addition, cultural activities will take place twice a week in the evening.

Students who want to work at a more leisurely pace can have lessons once or twice per week, either on their own or with other students of a similar level. These are available both in person or online.

How much does a course cost?

Here are the fees for our intensive courses:

  • 1-week course: 350€
  • 2-week course: 650€
  • 3-week course: 940€
  • 4-week course: 1,205€
  • For courses lasting more than 4 weeks, please get in touch.

For our other courses, fees per hour are listed below:

  • Private Greek lesson 30€
  • Small group (2 students) 20€ per person
  • Regular group (3-6 students) 17€ per person
How many students will there be in my class?

We keep class sizes small to ensure the quality of our courses remains high; the maximum number of students per class is six.

How many hours of lessons will I have in an intensive course?

Classes take place in the mornings from Monday to Friday. To make sure each student has plenty of opportunity to speak and practice during class, we increase the number of hours for larger class sizes as shown in the table below. We will let you know the exact number of students in your class a few days before it starts.

1 student 2 students ≥ 3 students
2 hrs/day 3 hrs/day 4 hrs/day
What time do the lessons take place?

Intensive courses take place in the morning or early afternoon. You will be notified of your exact timetable a few days before it starts. Our other courses are also available in the evening, should you prefer.

What time do the cultural activities take place?

Cultural activities take place twice per week in the evening, at around 18:00 or 19:00 depending on the weather conditions. They usually last about 2 hours.

Can you tell me more about the cultural activities?

Our cultural activities are some of the most fun  parts of our program and we are very proud of them! You will have the chance to meet students from other levels and practice what you have learned together, while discovering the history and culture of Tinos. We will walk together, explore the beauty of the island, and taste traditional flavours!

About enrollment

I am not sure about my language level. Do I have to sit a placement test?
Unless you have no knowledge of Greek, we will send you a placement test when you enroll to ensure we  place you in a class with students of a similar level.
How can I enrol to a course?

To book your course, we ask for a small part of the fees to be paid in advance via bank transfer, alongside a short application form.

How can I pay for my courses?
You can pay in cash, via bank transfer or using your credit/debit card.
What is the cancellation policy?

If you have to cancel your trip due to the pandemic, you can choose to either postpone your trip to a later date, or we can return your deposit, minus the bank transfer expenses.

About Tinos

What is Tinos known for?

Tinos is the third biggest island of the Cyclades. It is called both ‘the hidden gem of the Cyclades’ and ‘the handmade island’. The island is famous for its beautiful traditional villages, its marble artists, and the Cycladic architecture with its many pigeon houses and windmills nestled within the unique scenery. Tinian hospitality will make itself known very quickly, and the quality of both the local wine and cuisine will surprise you!

What is the population of Tinos?
According to the last census in 2011 the population of the Municipality of Tinos is 8.636 inhabitants.
What are the most famous villages in Tinos?

In Tinos there are 62 villages. The most famous ones are Pyrgos, Kardiani, Isternia and Volax. But we strongly suggest you visit as many as you can!

About accommodation in Tinos

Where is the best place to stay in Tinos?

The school is located in Tinos town (Chora) so most of our students prefer to stay here.

Can you recommend me some hotels?
If you need more specific advice on accommodation, let us know and we will gladly send you a list of our favourite hotels and AirBnBs, some of which offer special prices to our students.

About transportation in Tinos

What types of transportation are on Tinos?

On Tinos you can get from one village to another by public bus, taxi, or private car hire.

How can I come to school?

The school is situated in a very central location in Tinos town (Chora). If you stay in Tinos town, you can come to school on foot!

How frequent are the bus routes on Tinos?

The public bus transportation on Tinos is quite frequent. In winter months there are fewer routes but in summer there are plenty.

Does Tinos have an airport?
There is no airport on Tinos – the closest one is located on Mykonos, which is connected to both Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as serving many international flights. Most of our students fly directly to Mykonos or via Athens.
How long does the ferry take to Tinos?

You can easily reach Tinos within 2-5 hours from either Piraeus or Rafina port. Piraeus port is closer to Athens city centre, while Rafina port is closer to Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”.

If you choose to come via Mykonos, the ferry trip lasts just 30 minutes.


  • +30 2283 300575 | +30 6942 714281

  • Panetiou Navarchou 10, Tinos town (Chora), 84200, Greece

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